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Beginner through Advanced, ages 5 and up.      No previous experience necessary.

What We Do
The primary goal of our Hunt-seat lesson program is to create riders who are effective and safe in any situation.  
Over the last twelve years we have helped countless students reach or exceed their own, personal goals.  

By giving students a complete education both in the saddle and on the ground.
Explaining both "why" and "how" 
Teaching methods adjust to each student's individual needs, allowing progress at its own pace.


From this...

and this

to this ...

and this

And from this

How about this..

Student photo above left at age 9 showing in the beginner ring.   Center photo - at 12 yrs showing Hunter ring at 2"
Right photo:  age 12, pony 14h,  3.6" schooling jump .  Also was competing in 3' Jumpers on same 14h pony

to this 

to this 

and this

Progress for above student achieved in only two years of training.
Left photo: Age 13, - start of training program with Beth Collyer.
Center:  Age 15 , Jumper ring at 3'    Right: Also age 15, Jumpers at 3.3"

Left Photo:  Bareback "fun" class"  age 14   Center:  Age 16, High Child/Adult Jumpers at 1.1m (3.7")
Right:  Age 18 at GHJA Finals, 3' Jumpers

Private and Group Lessons           Excellent lesson horses         Unblemished, 12 year Safety Record

About our Safety Record:

Over the past 12 years in which Beth Collyer has been teaching full-time including more than 200 students, untold hundreds of lessons, countless horse shows and every other riding situation...

NO student under her direct supervision has suffered major injury beyond bumps, bruises & a couple sprains.
ZERO broken bones, stitches, concussions or otherwise.  

We have some falls, these simply come with riding but thank God for his protection and knock on wood just to be sure.  

Rate Categories

Standard Rates
Services purchased individually with payment due at start of each appointment and no future commitment required.

Monthly Enrollment 
  • Lessons discounted by $6 each below standard rates when 4 or more are purchased in advance of the month.
  • Recurring, monthly payment every 30 days, due on the 1st or 15th (respectively).
  • Cancel at any time by giving 30 days notice.
  • Packages may contain any number of lessons beyond the minimum of 4, may change from month to month without penalty and families may share packages of 6 or more lessons.  Any number of "Hacks" may be added to a package for approved riders.

How much does Monthly Enrollment save?
  • A client taking one group lesson per week (4 per month) at Standard Rates spends $220.  
  • The same four lessons at Monthly Enrollment rates are $196 for a savings of $24 per month.
  • After six months, they save $144 -  which means three weeks of lessons were free.

Scheduling & Cancellations

To Schedule:  Call or text Beth Collyer at 470.262.7131  
  • Lessons are available seven days a week in most cases around our horse show schedule. 
  • Online scheduling available soon. ​

To Cancel:
  • Call or text Beth Collyer at 470.262.7131, please do not cancel by email.  
  • Minimum of 12 hours notice required to cancel without penalty, barring emergancy.
  • If less than 12 hours, $15 resheduling fee to retain makeup. 
  • In the event of a No-show/No-call, lesson forfeited, no makeup.
  • Makeups must be completed within 14 days of cancellation and may be scheduled into the upcoming month if within the 14 day makeup window.

Cancellations by Farm and Horsemanship Lessons
  • In the event of bad weather which would prevent riding and at the trainer's discretion, we will either carry on as scheduled with horsemanship lessons for groups, or reschedule where appropriate.  
  • Appointments for private lessons are rescheduled or the student may join a group for horsemanship.
  • We notify clients as soon as possible by phone or text and apologize in advance for last minute situations.
  • We reserve the right to cancel lessons at any time in the event of instructor illness or injury, bad weather including extreme heat, cold or wind, and/or anytime we believe conditions unsafe or unproductive for our students or horses.